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Pressure Treated fence posts in east bernstadt, ky

At Kentucky Forest Products, located in East Bernstadt, KY, we’re dedicated to providing our buyers with the best pressure treated fence posts and DOT guardrails in the area . We specialize in a variety of sizes, using pine or hemlock to produce custom orders that fit your exact needs.

Much of our wood is processed into fence posts, sent to a registered pressure-treating facility, and then returned to our facility where we sell them to the general public, farmers, and local stores. The wood we don’t process into fence posts is used as band sawed lumber, which we make available to our buyers daily or by custom order.

If you’re looking for quality fence posts and guardrails at a quality price, you’ve found it with Kentucky Forest Products. Call today to place your order!  

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We've been working in the lumber-retail business for almost 40 years. We use those years of experience, as well as comprehensive understanding of the latest lumber trends and techniques, in every decision we make.

Big Buyer or Small

We sell to both the general public and vendors. Whether you're looking to buy wholesale or just enough to make a small, personal fence, we've got what you need. 

No Waste

We believe in putting our waste products to good use. We market our product waste, including chips and sawdust, to chip mills, landscaping contractors, and horse farms.

the Fencepost professionals

Kentucky Forest Products is a family owned and operated company that has been serving Laurel County and the surrounding areas since 1981. What started as humble beginnings purchasing from local master loggers in Kentucky and Tennessee to produce treated fence post, grew and expanded into the business we have today. In 2000, we upgraded our facility with a band saw, wood chipper, drills, and a supply of end trim, and we began producing guardrail material and cabin timbers in addition to the custom lumber that we cut to order.

A number of diverse buyers trust our product over anyone else’s. We retail and distribute our products to the general public and area farmers, and we sell wholesale to vendors, fencing companies, cabin manufacturers, brokers, and treatment facilities.

Let Kentucky Forest Products meet all your CCA Pressure Treated Fence Post & lumber needs. Call today!   


-       Fence Posts  

-       Guard Rails

-      Custom Orders

-       Pine Mulch

-       Wood Chips

-       Sawdust

-       Southern Yellow Pine

-       Hemlock Lumber